While In-Person Classes Pause in the Fall, Graduations March On (Virtually)

While In-Person Classes Pause in the Fall, Graduations March On (Virtually)

Melissa W.

Schools and universities across the country are grappling with the idea of opening up the doors to students come fall, but early reports indicate some problematic obstacles, causing many to postpone in-person classes and remain remote.

While disappointing for many, students already went through the biggest of changes in the spring, when stay-at-home orders coincided with the much-anticipated graduation season. With that in mind, we’re starting to see schools stay ahead of the curve and declare December graduations as virtual or as some type of hybrid ceremony. 

The good news about this? The honor and recognition stays the same! The Class of 2020 has shown their resilience time and time again, and we have no doubt they will continue down this path as we round out this unprecedented year. We’re here to continue to safely deliver honor and recognition gear to schools and institutions to have ready for their students as graduation plans evolve. We understand the importance of graduation regalia and what it means to students and faculty and want graduates to mark their accomplishments in a way in which they deserve. No matter what your commencement ceremony looks like this year, our honor and recognition gear means the same and looks just as great … even on a computer screen!

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How is your school approaching the fall semester? Will your graduation happen virtually? Let us know in the comments!

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