Honor Stoles vs Scholar Stoles: What's the Difference?

Honor Stoles vs Scholar Stoles: What's the Difference?

Melissa W.

Now that we’ve discussed just how students get their extra hardware to don on graduation day, we’re going to break down the difference between two commonly used stoles, both of which we carry at Senior Class Graduation Products: Honor Stoles and Scholar Stoles.

The symbolism remains the same, but the look can vary. Graduates wear stoles, primarily made of satin, to recognize their high rank in an honor society, club, or campus organization. Stoles are fully customizable, giving students the chance to make clear their accomplishments, though many schools prefer to keep them blank. Honor Stoles come in many different colors and Scholar Stoles are available in white or Columbia blue.

Honor stoles drape around the neck of the graduate and lay flat on the traditional gown, coming to a point on each side, much like honor cords. Scholar stoles have more of a bib-like, v-neck appearance, often with an embroidered torch signifying ‘knowledge’ and are often worn by members of an honor society.
senior class graduation products honor stole     senior class graduation products scholar stole
pictured: honor stole (left) scholar stole (right)


You’ll typically see the following graduates wearing stoles on graduation day:

  • Class Officers (president, vice president, secretary, etc.)
  • Fraternity/sorority members
  • Honor society members
  • Valedictorian/salutatorian 

With many graduation ceremonies going virtual in 2020, students are still donning their well-deserved honor gear, all of which look great on a computer screen ;) The honor is the same, no matter how it’s celebrated! 

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Photo by Christine von Raesfeld on Unsplash

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