Find Your Flock: A Guide to LGBTQ+ College Organizations

Find Your Flock: A Guide to LGBTQ+ College Organizations

Melissa W.

College is a whirlwind of new experiences: academics, independence, and (of course) finding your place. For LGBTQ+ students, this journey can be even more significant. That's where LGBTQ+ college organizations come in – offering a safe space, friendly faces, and a chance to truly belong.

Why Join?

These organizations are more than just social clubs. They provide a critical support system, especially for students who may be far from accepting friends and family. Here are just a few reasons to consider joining:

  • Community: Find a group of peers who understand your experiences and celebrate your identity.
  • Mentorship: Connect with upperclassmen who can offer guidance on navigating campus life as an LGBTQ+ student.
  • Advocacy: Get involved in efforts to create a more inclusive campus environment.
  • Social Events: From movie nights to drag shows, find fun activities and celebrate with your chosen family.
  • Professional Development: Many organizations offer workshops and networking opportunities to help you launch your career.

Finding Your Organization

Most colleges have a dedicated LGBTQ+ resource center, which can provide information on student organizations. Here are some additional resources:

  • Campus Pride: This non-profit organization maintains a directory of LGBTQ+ student groups across the country [Search Campus Pride].
  • The Office of LGBTQ+ Student Life at Your College: Many colleges have a designated office or department that supports LGBTQ+ students and can connect you with organizations.

Getting Involved

Joining an LGBTQ+ organization is easy! Attend a meet-and-greet or social event to get a feel for the group. Most organizations are welcoming and inclusive, so don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

Beyond the Rainbow

While many organizations cater to the LGBTQ+ community as a whole, some focus on specific identities or interests. Look for groups that align with your sexual orientation, gender identity, or even hobbies!

College is a time for exploration and growth. LGBTQ+ organizations can be an invaluable resource as you navigate this exciting chapter. So, take the leap, find your flock, and embrace the vibrant LGBTQ+ college community!

Do you have a favorite LGBTQ+ campus organization? Let us know in the comments!


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