Alpha Kappa Delta: The International Honor Society of Sociology

Melissa W.

Founded at The University of Southern California by a faculty sociologist in 1920, Alpha Kappa Delta was established “for the purposes of stimulating scholarship and promoting the scientific study of society,” and “provide a forum for student and faculty exchange.” From the Greek letters meaning, “mankind,” “examine closely/gain knowledge,” and “to do service,” AKD was created at a time when sociology classes were scarce, only being offered at around 100 colleges and institutions nationwide, providing a much-needed organization to the field. 

According to their website, their current purpose “is to seek to acknowledge and promote excellence in the scholarship in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition.”

Alpha Kappa Delta opens its membership to both undergrad and graduate students as well as faculty members at active chapters. They have an extensive list of criteria for each level of membership which includes students be actively seeking a degree in sociology or show an intense interest in the field through taking classes. Students must also rank in the top 35% of their graduating class, maintain a 3.0 GPA in sociology classes, and be at least a junior/third-year student.

Membership lasts for a lifetime and benefits include access to a mentorship program, teaching workshops, grants, and qualification for entrance at the GS-7 level federal job for civil services. 

You’ll notice Alpha Kappa Delta members standing out at graduation wearing their teal honor cords.

teal graduation honor cord

As a reminder, our team continues to operate with a modified business solution, complete with remote and isolated order processing locations. Our goal is to safely deliver honor and recognition gear to schools and institutions to have ready for their students once graduation dates have been reworked. We understand the importance of graduation regalia and what it means to students and faculty and want graduates to mark their accomplishments in a way in which they deserve.

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