Tri-M is Music to Your Ears!

Tri-M is Music to Your Ears!

Melissa W.

The #1 most-played song at graduation ceremonies is Pomp & Circumstance and we can make a safe bet that members of music departments across the country can play it in their sleep! But, who recognizes such talent? Tri-M -- the only national honor society for student musicians!

Founded by the band director and music department chair of Maine Township High School in 1935, Tri-M Music Honor Society (formerly Modern Music Masters) is a high school and middle school honor society that recognizes academic and musical achievements of students while providing them with valuable leadership and service opportunities. The organization has chapters internationally and is designed to be run by student musicians and advised by an adult, typically a teacher in the music department. They boast that “students decide when to hold meetings, what music to learn and perform, and which community service activities to pursue. [Advisors] oversee the projects and attend events, but students organize them.” They believe allowing the students to take the lead gives them the opportunity to gain leadership and responsibility experience.

Tri-M is more than just a music honor society -- they proudly serve their local communities through service projects throughout the year. According to their website, Tri-M “...will give you countless opportunities to perform, lead, and serve the community. Not only will you learn accountability, responsibility, and other character-building social skills by performing music and running the chapter, but you’ll be able to put together an impressive record of achievements for college applications.”

In addition to being recommended by faculty of the music department, in order to be eligible for membership, students must maintain an A average in their music courses, a minimum of a C average in all other academics, and be actively taking music courses.

The honor society currently has over 2,100 chapters and 84,000 students across the globe. You’ll notice members of Tri-M on graduation day by their pink honor cords.

light pink honor cord from senior class graduation products

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Cover photo by Marius Masalar on Unsplash

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