Phi Delta Phi: The International Legal Honor Society

Phi Delta Phi: The International Legal Honor Society

Melissa W.
“If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.”
Louis D. Brandeis


Founded in 1869 by four law students at the University of Michigan School of Law, Phi Delta Phi is the oldest legal organization in continuous existence, even predating the American Bar Association. It was created as a means to champion students who choose to dedicate their lives to a just legal system.

According to its website, “Phi Delta Phi celebrates academic excellence and embraces the finest attributes of professionalism and scholarship.” The organization aims to “foster scholarship, civility, and ethical conduct in [the law] profession.” 

Members enjoy benefits of scholarships, mentor programs, admittance to exclusive events, and alumni networking opportunities, to name a few.

In order to qualify for membership, students must be attending a law school with a Phi Delta Phi chapter (Inn) and must also be of good moral character and academic standing. Applicants must be within the top ⅓ of his/her class or be recognized for other scholastic achievements such as published journals, community service in legal clinics, or other projects approved by the Council.

Notable members of Phi Delta Phi include Robert F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sandra Day O’Connor, William H. Taft, Gerald Ford, Antonin Scalia, and Theodore Roosevelt, among many others.

There are currently 131 chapters with over 200,000 members. You’ll recognize members of Phi Delta Phi on graduation day by their red, gold, and light blue honor cords.

Below are examples of products offered at Senior Class Graduation Products, though students are recommended they check with their chapters for specific purchasing information.

red honor cord from senior class graduation productsgold honor cord from senior class graduation productslight blue honor cord from senior class graduation products

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