Now More Than Ever Graduates Need Visual Recognition

Now More Than Ever Graduates Need Visual Recognition

Melissa W.

We’re inching toward a full year of pandemic lockdown lifestyle from covid19 which means another graduation season is coming up fast. Now that we have more of a grasp of what’s to come with high schools, colleges, and universities making their commencement ceremony decisions early, we’re all able to better plan how to properly celebrate graduates. One thing that doesn’t change: all graduates deserve recognition for what they’ve overcome, especially during pandemic times. 

Whether your school’s graduation ceremony is happening virtually, in-person/masked, or drive-up style, our honor recognition products help top-achieving graduates stand out amongst the crowd. We offer a variety of wearable, all-important options:

Honor & Grad Cords

bright gold honor cord from senior class graduation products

Graduation cords are a very popular and inexpensive way for schools and colleges to provide visual recognition to graduating students for academic achievement, military service, or membership in any of the numerous academic and service societies. We offer a wide selection of solid color cords as well as cords with 2 and 3 colors intertwined. Each of our cords is the standard length of 52" with 4" matching tassels at each end that create a finished product of 60".

Honor/Custom Stoles

satin stole from senior class graduation products

Your top academic achievers have earned and deserve recognition during the graduation ceremony. This is easily accomplished with our gold satin stoles with HONOR screened or embroidered in black. And, for those who are members of an academic honor society, we have Scholar Stoles in Columbia blue or white featuring a gold embroidered torch, a symbol of learning.

Custom stoles are exactly that -- custom! Message us to discuss your perfect design.

Class Leadership Stoles

honor stole from senior class graduation products

They gave up afternoons, evenings and weekends to lead their classmates in their high school years. Now, it's time to recognize them for their unselfish commitment. Our Class Leadership Stoles are designed just for that purpose.  With their leadership position screened in black on bright gold satin, these stoles are designed to be worn with the graduation cap and gown. In-stock stoles ready to ship include PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, HISTORIAN, PARLIAMENTARIAN, STUDENT COUNCIL, MARSHAL, PASTOR and WEBMASTER.


medallion from senior class graduation products

Our medallions feature an embossed design on heavy brass with a hand rubbed antique finish for valedictorians and salutatorians. Each medallion comes complete with the bright gold neck ribbon and is packaged in a blue velvet presentation pouch. The medallion is designed to bring visual recognition to the graduate when worn with the graduation cap and gown.


Our team is actively taking orders for 2021 commencements -- Make sure your graduates get the honor recognition they deserve, on and off the screen. Now, more than ever, they deserve all the praise we can give.


Photo by Steven Aguilar on Unsplash

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