Gamma Rho Lambda: Bringing Tolerance and Diversity to College Campuses

Gamma Rho Lambda: Bringing Tolerance and Diversity to College Campuses

Melissa W.

“Truth in tolerance, knowledge through diversity, bonds of unity, strength in trust.”

Founded in 2003, Gamma Rho Lambda is the first nationally-recognized social sorority that is all-inclusive, supporting LGBTQIA+ students. As they state, the organization started from humble beginnings, “originally established as a social support system for lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and alternative lifestyle-friendly students. Embodying an open and diverse environment for all members, the sorority strove to break down barriers between the LGBTQIA+ community and the greater community.”

Gamma Rho Lambda is rooted in tolerance and creating a campus environment that believes in “inclusion, support, and education, and strives to constantly improve and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our active body.” The organization exemplifies qualities of diversity, unity, and trust, providing a network of assistance to its members seeking guidance in their education, as well as emotional support and community service.

The organization currently has 19 active chapters and 400 members nationwide. Students interested in joining Gamma Rho Lambda should check with their campus activities department to see if they have an active chapter or form a new chapter on campus. You’ll recognize these students on graduation day by their purple and black honor cords.

purple honor cord from senior class graduation productsblack honor cord from senior class graduation products

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