Dads & Grads

Dads & Grads

Melissa W.

The weekend of Father’s Day in June is traditionally a popular time for high school graduation ceremonies nationwide. It’s only fitting that the two be lumped together as a way to honor both the graduate and one of the role models who played a part in guiding him/her to the finish line (don’t worry, moms -- college graduations are popular around Mother’s Day)!

While the term “Dads & Grads” is widely used as a marketing gimmick for card companies and gift shops alike, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the importance of dads/father figures and their role in encouraging students to push through the hard times of their educational journey. 

Cheers to the dad who stayed up late helping his graduate cram for exams, finish those projects (that were assigned months ago but “remembered” the night before), and answered countless “why?” questions over the years. We see you and are grateful for you! We hope you take the day to relax and reflect on the hard work you’ve done -- what better way to celebrate today than by watching your graduate walk across the stage to receive his/her diploma?!

Happy Father’s Day and congratulations to The Class of 2020 celebrating this weekend!

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As a reminder, our team continues to operate with a modified business solution, complete with remote and isolated order processing locations. Our goal is to safely deliver honor and recognition gear to schools and institutions to have ready for their students once graduation dates have been reworked. We understand the importance of graduation regalia and what it means to students and faculty and want graduates to mark their accomplishments in a way in which they deserve. No matter what your commencement ceremony looks like this year, our honor and recognition gear means the same and looks just as great!

We love seeing all of the commencement photos rolling in from around the country! If you’d like to share any images with our team for a chance to be featured, email us at


Cover photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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