Bon Appetit! Check Out These 5 Culinary Schools

Bon Appetit! Check Out These 5 Culinary Schools

Melissa W.

We’re heading into Thanksgiving week and have been prepping for all the delicious food! A proper Thanksgiving feast requires some great culinary skills, some of which can only be taught by a professional. Are you looking to wow your guests someday? If so, check out these top schools for culinary arts!

Culinary Institute of America - Hyde Park, NY

With a motto like “Food is Life” you can guarantee you’re going to get a top education in culinary arts! Founded in 1946, the Culinary Institute of America is recognized as a world-renowned school for launching a career in the field. CIA believes that in order for students to fulfill “immersive, food-focused learning,” they need to roll up their sleeves and be hands-on. CIA offers programs in culinary arts, baking/pastry arts, hospitality management, food business, wine/beverage management, applied food studies, and culinary science from Associate to Master’s degrees.

From the School: “The Culinary Institute of America is dedicated to bettering the nation and the world by means of outstanding education, practice, and scholarship on all aspects of food and the enterprises related to it. Through a transformative learning experience, the CIA prepares future food leaders, innovators and experts for personal and professional success.​”

Johnson & Wales University - Providence, RI

With over 45 years of experience in culinary arts, the Culinary Arts program at Johnson & Wales University focuses on the fundamentals of the craft, giving students an immersive experience with their state-of-the-art food laboratories. JWU takes students through every aspect of culinary, from the very basics of food science, all the way to training in human resource management and leadership, allowing students to be well-rounded once they head off into the industry. JWU’s programs lead students to a Bachelor’s of Science degree with 97% of students successfully finding careers post-graduation.

From the School: “Many of the world’s food leaders have one thing in common: Johnson & Wales. The university has evolved with the world since 1914, and our College of Food Innovation and Technology (CFIT) offers cutting-edge facilities and hands-on experience while solidifying your understanding of the impact and importance of food on those around you.”

Institute of Culinary Education - New York, NY

With 2 campuses in the US, the Institute of Culinary Education has been ranked the #1 Culinary School in America by USA Today and The Daily Meal. ICE provides programs for students that include culinary arts, pastry/baking arts, health-supportive culinary arts, restaurant/culinary management, hospital/hotel management, and professional development. Leaders in the industry praise the college for their innovation and the credibility given to graduates due to their top-notch education. Such industry leaders include Wolfgang Puck and Tom Colicchip from “Top Chef.” 

From the School: “Our entire staff here at ICE is dedicated — to you. Your growth as an individual and a hospitality or culinary professional is the measure of our success. Whether you’re interested in the culinary arts, baking and pastry, restaurant management or the hotel industry, our diverse, multifaceted programs at ICE will help you reach your goals. It's no wonder that 93% of alumni say they would recommend an ICE education to students interested in culinary careers.”

Sullivan University College of Hospitality Studies

Culinary Arts and Hospitality go hand-in-hand and Sullivan University knows it! Their degree programs provide an all-inclusive opportunity for students to study the foundation of culinary arts all the way to hospitality management. Sullivan University offers professional diploma programs in baking and cooking as well as associate degrees in baking/pastry arts, culinary arts, event management/tourism, hotel restaurant/restaurant management, and a Bachelor’s of Science in hospitality management. The school also partners with NASA HUNCH Culinary Challenge, a program that gives one high school student the opportunity to send one of their culinary masterpieces to the International Space Station!

From the School: Graduates from the College of Hospitality Studies can look for and be found in jobs around the globe. In fact, Sullivan alumni can be found in hotels, catering companies, restaurants, cruise ships, and teaching positions in places anywhere from Kentucky to Europe and Antarctica. 

Kendall College of Culinary Arts - Chicago, IL 

Kendall College of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management is located at National Louis University and has been providing exceptional education in the culinary arts field for over 135 years. They focus on culinary as a whole, from food service, food preparation, management, and environmental awareness. Students in the program will earn a B.A. in Hospitality Management with many concentrations with which to choose. Students not looking to obtain a Bachelor’s degree can gain associate’s degrees and certificates in culinary arts, baking/pastries, and professional cookery. 

From the School: “Through its highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff, the programs in Culinary Arts foster an environment that values diversity, passion for learning, discipline, caring for the individual, creativity, inspiration to achieve, and intensity in all areas of endeavor. Simply put, the objective is to produce the future leaders of the foodservice industry. The program is rigorous and the standards are demanding.”

Culinary arts and hospitality management are industries that are constantly evolving and with that comes endless opportunity. You can’t go wrong with any of the above-mentioned schools -- just get ready to be the host cook of every holiday moving forward!

Do you have a culinary arts degree? Let us know in the comments!


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