Royal blue, white and red 3 color graduation honor cord from Senior Class Graduation Products. Value priced. Made in USA.


This 3-color recognition cord for graduates features red, white and royal blue cording intertwined to form a single cord complete with matching tassels at each end.  Honor and recognition cords are designed to be worn with the graduation cap and gown to bring visual recognition to the graduate for academic achievement or membership in a particular academic organization.

Length: 60" (52" visible cord with two 4" tassels)
Circumference: 7/8"
Diameter: 1/4"

An honor cord is a long cord made up of twisted or intertwined strands with a tassel on each end. The cords can be one solid color or multiple colors twisted together. Honor cords are designed to be worn with the graduation cap and gown, draped around the nape of the wearer's neck so that the tasseled ends hang evenly down the front of the wearer.

The honor cord provides visual recognition that the wearer has earned a specific academic honor or holds membership in an academic or social society. At the college and university level, the honor cord generally signifies that the student has achieved academic honor at the cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude level with one, two or three gold cords tied together, respectively.  Various academic honor societies also maintain specific cord color combinations (i.e., red-white-black multi-color cord for Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society). Click here to view a chart of honor societies and their registered cord colors.

At the high school level the honor cord is presented to students who have achieved academic excellence at specific grade point levels. Cords of various colors can be used to represent academic achievement within specific areas of learning (i.e., pink for music) or to represent membership in a specific organization or honor society (i.e., red-bright gold mixed for membership in the Spanish National Honor Society).  Click here to view a chart of high school honor societies and their registered colors.

The wearing of cords by graduates, individually or as a group, has been increasing substantially during the past decade.  It is not uncommon for an entire high school graduating class to each wear a cord in honor and remembrance of a classmate. Or, for an entire graduating class to each wear a cord of the school's colors to celebrate a specific milestone such as the 50th anniversary of its founding.

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