Refer to the chart below for the registered cord colors of academic honor societies.

Honor Society Cord Color
 Alpha Beta Gamma ΑBΓ  Sapphire Blue
 Alpha Chi ΑΧ Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue
 Alpha Epsilon ΑΕ Honor Gold or Blue and Green
 Alpha Epsilon Delta ΑΕΔ Red and Violet
 Alpha Epsilon Lambda ΑΕΛ Scarlet and Grey
 Alpha Gamma Sigma ΑΓΣ Double Gold Cord
 Alpha Kappa Delta ΑΚΔ Teal
 Alpha Kappa Mu ΑΚΜ Royal Blue and White
 Alpha Lambda Delta ΑΛΔ Red, Gold, and White
 Alpha Mu Alpha ΑΜΑ Red
 Alpha Mu Gamma ΑΜΓ Gold
 Alpha Nu Sigma ΑΝΣ White
 Alpha Phi Omega ΑΦΩ Royal Blue and Old Glory Gold
 Alpha Phi Sigma ΑΦΣ Blue and Gold
 Alpha Pi Mu ΑΠΜ White and Gold
 Alpha Psi Omega ΑΦΩ Light Blue and Amber
 Alpha Sigma Lambda ΑΣΛ Maroon/Burgundy and Gold
 Alpha Sigma Mu ΑΣΜ 
 Alpha Sigma Nu ΑΣΝ
 Beta Alpha Psi ΒΑΨ White with Society Seal
 Beta Beta Beta ΒΒΒ Forest Green and Blood Red
 Beta Gamma Sigma ΒΓΣ Gold Cord, Yale Blue Tassel, Gold Wrap and Yale Blue Cord, Gold Tassel, Yale Blue Wrap
 Beta Kappa Chi ΒΚΧ Royal Blue
 Beta Phi Mu ΒΦΜ Purple and White
 Chi Epsilon ΧΕ Purple and White
 Chi Sigma Iota ΧΣΙ Blue and White
 Delta Epsilon Iota ΔΕΙ Royal Blue and Old Gold
 Delta Epsilon Sigma ΔΕΣ Gold and Maroon
 Delta Mu Delta ΔΜΔ Purple and Gold

 Delta Phi Alpha

ΔΦΑ Black, Red and Gold
 Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha ΔΣΡ-ΤΚΑ
 Delta Tau Alpha ΔΤΑ Hunter Green and Harvest Gold
 Epsilon Pi Tau ΕΠΤ Blue, White and Gold
 Eta Kappa Nu ΗΚΝ Gold Cord w/ Navy Blue and Scarlet Red Tassels
 Eta Sigma Phi ΗΣΦ Gold and Purple Cords with Gold Tassels
 Gamma Sigma Alpha ΓΣΑ Gold and Red
 Gamma Sigma Epsilon ΓΣΕ Blue and White
 Gamma Theta Upsilon ΓΘY Brown, Light Blue, and Gold
 Golden Key International Honour Society Royal Blue and Gold
 Iota Iota Iota ΙΙΙ Lavender
 Kappa Beta Delta ΚΒΔ Blue and Gold
 Kappa Delta Pi ΚΔΠ Purple and Jade Green
 Kappa Kappa Psi ΚΚΨ Blue and White
 Kappa Lambda Chi ΚΛΧ Purple, Black, and Alt Grey
 Kappa Mu Epsilon KME Pink and Gray
 Kappa Omicron Nu ΚΟΝ Burgundy and Cream
 Kappa Theta Epsilon ΚΘΕ Yellow and Purple
 Kappa Tau Alpha ΚΤΑ Light Blue and Gold
 Lambda Iota Tau ΛΙΤ Purple and Gold
 Lambda Pi Eta ΛΠH Red, White, and Gold
 Lambda Sigma ΛΣ Royal Blue Cord; Gold Cord
 Mortar Board Silver and Gold
 Mu Kappa Tau ΜΚΤ Blue and Gold
 National Residence Hall Honorary NRHH Blue and White
 National Society of Collegiate Scholars Burgundy and Gold
 The Neutral Ground Society Lavender
 Nu Rho Psi ΝΡΨ Black and Gold
 Omega Chi Epsilon ΩΧΕ Maroon and White
 Omega Rho ΩΡ Blue and Red
 Omicron Delta Epsilon ΟΔΕ Blue and Gold
 Omicron Delta Kappa ΟΔΚ Sky Blue, White, and Black
 Order of Omega Solid Gold and Solid Ivory
 Phi Alpha Delta ΦΑΔ Purple and Gold
 Phi Beta Delta ΦΒΔ Red and Gold
 Phi Beta Kappa ΦΒΚ Pink and Sky Blue
 Phi Alpha Theta ΦΑΘ Madonna Red and Madonna Blue
 Phi Delta Phi ΦΔΦ Red, Blue, and Gold
 Phi Eta Sigma ΦΗΣ Gold and Black
 Phi Kappa Phi ΦΚΦ Navy and Gold
 Phi Lambda Upsilon ΦΛΥ Blue, Pink
 Phi Sigma ΦΣ Yellow, Green, and White
 Phi Sigma Theta ΦΣΘ Gold, Green and Purple
 Phi Sigma Iota ΦΣΙ Gold
 Phi Sigma Tau ΦΣΤ White and Purple
 Phi Theta Kappa ΦΘΚ Blue and Gold
 Phi Upsilon Omicron ΦΥΟ Yellow, White, and Purple
 Pi Alpha Alpha ΠΑΑ Light Blue and Yellow
 Pi Alpha Xi ΠΑΞ Cerulean blue and Nile green
 Pi Delta Phi ΠΔΦ Red, White, and Blue
 Pi Gamma Mu ΠΓΜ Royal Blue and White
 Pi Kappa Lambda ΠΚΛ Gold and White
 Pi Mu Epsilon ΠΜΕ Gold, Purple and Lilac
 Pi Omega Pi ΠΩΠ Silver, Royal Blue, and Gold
 Pi Sigma Alpha ΠΣΑ Red, White, and Black
 Pi Sigma Epsilon ΠΣΕ Gold and Royal Purple
 Pi Tau Sigma ΠΤΣ Red and Blue
 Pi Theta Epsilon ΠΘΕ Navy and Gold
 Psi Beta ΨΒ Royal Blue and Gold
 Psi Chi ΨΧ Platinum and Dark Blue
 Rho Chi ΡΧ Royal Purple and White
 Rho Theta Sigma ΡΘΣ
 SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society Red, White, and Royal Blue
 Sigma Beta Delta ΣΒΔ Hunter Green and Gold
 Sigma Alpha Lambda ΣΑΛ Navy, Black, and Gold
 Sigma Alpha Pi ΣΑΠ Platinum and Black
 Sigma Delta Pi ΣΔΠ Red and Gold
 Sigma Lambda Alpha ΣΛΑ Gold and Green
 Sigma Lambda Chi ΣΛΧ Green and Gold
 Sigma Pi Sigma ΣΠΣ Forest Green and Ivory
 Sigma Tau Delta ΣΤΔ Cardinal and Black
 Sigma Theta Tau ΣΘΤ Orchid and White
 Sigma Xi ΣΞ Silver and Blue
 Tau Alpha Pi ΤΑΠ Green and Gold
 Tau Beta Pi ΤΒΠ Orange and White
 Tau Beta Sigma ΤΒΣ White and Blue
 Tau Sigma ΤΣ Red and Gold
 Tau Sigma Delta ΤΣΔ White and Gold
 Theta Alpha Kappa ΘAK Scarlet
 Upsilon Pi Epsilon ΥΠΕ Maroon and White




Excellence In Honor Society Color
Academics National Honor Society Solid Gold and Solid Royal Double Cord or Solid Gold Cord
Fine Arts National Art Honor Society Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple
English National English Honor Society Blue and Gold
French French National Honor Society Red, White, and Blue
German German National Honor Society Black, Red and Gold
Latin National Latin Honor Society Purple and Silver
Japanese Japanese National Honor Society Red and White
Math Mu Alpha Theta Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple
Music Tri-M Music Honor Society Pink
Physics Florin High Physics Club (Sacramento, CA) Red and Black
Science Science National Honor Society Green and Purple
Social Studies Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society Blue and White
Speech and Debate National Speech Debate Association Red and Grey
Spanish Spanish National Honor Society Gold and Red
Theater International Thespian Society Blue and Gold, Red
Technology Technology Student Association Red, Silver, and Blue
Eagle Scout National Eagle Scout Association Red, White, and Blue
Career and Technical Education National Technical Honor Society Purple and White