Understanding the Importance of High School Honor Societies

Understanding the Importance of High School Honor Societies

Melissa W.

When students begin thinking about their post-primary educational career, there’s so much for them to consider, namely what will look attractive on their college applications. Extracurricular activities and clubs are a great way to appear well-rounded to an acceptance committee, but there’s no denying the importance of being accepted into an honor society to bolster their chances of standing out in a stack of applications.

Honors can mean different things in the high school setting and varies from school to school. It can come in the traditional form of a club that only accepts students who have a high overall GPA standing (a general honors society or one that’s subject-specific), or as high-level classes (honors, AP) that can affect a weighted GPA, for example. Either way, they’re an important part of high school and something many students strive for each year.

Subject-specific honor societies recognize students excelling in areas like French, Spanish, Social Studies, Math, Art, etc. Students interested in exploring these organizations are pointed in the direction of their academic advisor or guidance counselor who will offer them a list of honor societies with which the high school participates.

On top of looking great on college applications, honor societies give students some real-life opportunities to gain leadership skills, network with like-minded classmates/colleagues, and open the doors to additional benefits like traveling/studying abroad and applying for scholarships.

With all that under their belts, high school students should be visually recognized for their hard work and academic excellence on graduation day. Senior Class Graduation Products offers Scholar Stoles in Columbia blue as well as white which is the perfect complement to the traditional cap & gown. Our Scholar Stoles feature a gold embroidered torch which is a symbol of learning.

Which honor societies are offered at your high school? How do you recognize your top-achieving students on graduation day? Let us know in the comments!


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