The National Association of African American Honors Programs

The National Association of African American Honors Programs

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A nationwide organization focused on lifting up and celebrating Black students through networking opportunities, scholarships, social justice initiatives, quiz bowls, and talent competitions -- NAAAHP has it all!

The National Association of African American Honors Programs (NAAAHP) was formed in 1990 when a group honors directors from 20 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Predominantly Black Colleges and Universities (PBCUs) saw a call for a national program specifically focused on the needs of honors education for Black students.

According to their website, the goal of NAAAHP is to “promote the continued empowerment of its constituents (students) through enhanced cognitive and affective experiences” including:

  • Developing, enhancing, and supporting honors programs in all HBCUs and PBCUs;
  • Stimulating, encouraging community service and leadership as one of the highest aims;
  • Advocating the funding of honors programs by federal and state agencies, as well as by private philanthropic foundations and organizations;
  • Facilitating the enrollment of African-American students into graduate and professional schools;
  • Promoting a curriculum that fosters a lifelong disciplined approach to knowledge and scholarship through inquiry and exploration; and
  • Developing an undergraduate educational environment that promotes scholarship, knowledge, and an appreciation of African-American culture as a mirror for understanding other great world cultures.

Membership is on a three-level system: Institutional, Individual Professional, and Individual Student. Student memberships are reserved for honors students enrolled at an accredited university.

Leaders of NAAAHP meet several times a year with the culmination landing at the annual conference which is aimed at providing “networking, academic competitions, scholarly research presentations, community service, and educational/ professional enrichment opportunities” for students. The conference is filled with events like academic quiz bowls, talent competitions, debate competitions, political simulations, and professional development workshops. The conference also awards scholarships and celebrates student chapter accomplishments from throughout the year. 

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