Student Activism and the First Amendment on College Campuses

Melissa W.

College campuses have long been synonymous with activism and protests -- from seemingly minor disputes over tuition cost hikes to fighting for larger issues like civil rights, students use their First Amendment rights to lobby for change and bring about a more fair, represented, and safer campus community. 

Since the 1920s, college students have been active in desegregation movements, most specifically The Civil Rights Movement and the Black Campus Movement that have undoubtedly impacted the way colleges operate today. Here’s a brief timeline of what students have been up against, specifically Black students, for the last 100 years:

With the current state of affairs in regards to civil rights and the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, college officials continue to allow student voices to peacefully be heard. Despite some historical challenges with incitements of violence, higher education institutions will continue to be a hotspot for social movements and protests throughout the world, bringing injustices to light and lobbying for change, one movement at a time.

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