Medical & Health Services Manager Grads See Steady Job Growth

Medical & Health Services Manager Grads See Steady Job Growth

Melissa W.

We’re continuing to count down the days to the end of 2021 by highlighting the top careers of the year! Coming in at #4 according to U.S. News is Medical & Health Services Managers.

What is a Medical & Health Services Manager? They’re the people behind-the-scenes making sure hospitals and medical facilities run smoothly. These professionals handle the day-to-day business of an office while handling the complexities that come with the office being a medical facility. They are responsible for keeping up-to-date with current technologies (like MyChart, for example) to streamline services for both doctor and patient. In addition to technical skills, other attributes for a successful Medical & Health Services Manager include interpersonal communications, data analyzing, and organization/attention to detail. 

A large part of the job includes a front-facing relationship with insurance companies and updating medical charts – both very crucial parts of healthcare.

Most Medical & Health Services Managers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, typically in health administration, but a degree in business, communications, or public health is also suitable.

Top 5 schools for Medical & Health Services Managers:

Over the next 10 years, The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 31.5% increase in demand for Medical & Health Services Managers, resulting in over 133,000 new jobs. On average, Medical & Health Services Managers stand to make an average salary of $130,000.

Are you currently a Medical & Health Services Manager or looking to become one? Let us know in the comments below – We’d love to hear from you!


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