How to Recognize Your Class Officers on Graduation Day

How to Recognize Your Class Officers on Graduation Day

Melissa W.

If you’ve attended high school in the US, chances are you’ve interacted with or even remember your Class Officers. They’re the student-elected officials chosen to represent their respective class not only as figures, but as organizers and facilitators of class events and entertainment through the years. It’s an important and sometimes thankless job students take on in addition to their studies.

Traditional Class Officer titles include:


-Vice President




Each position comes with its own unique responsibilities, all with the goal of keeping their fellow students engaged throughout the school year. Officers elected during their senior year typically keep their titles post-graduation and stay in contact with their school advisor to keep track of any funds raised as students for hosting upcoming class reunions. Yes, your Class Officers are responsible for your 10th, 25th, and even 50th high school class reunions! 

class president stole from senior class graduation products

Class Officers give up afternoons, evenings, and weekends to lead their classmates through their high school years. Our team at Senior Class Graduation Products thinks graduation is the best time to recognize them for their unselfish commitments! What better way to get them to stand out on graduation day than with our Class Officer/Leadership Stoles? Our brightly-colored satin stoles are designed to be worn with the traditional cap & gown, giving them an extra element of recognition on one of the most important days of their lives.

Want something a little extra? We offer custom options as well!

Were you a Class Officer during your high school years? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to thank your Class Officers next time you see them in the halls -- we know they’ll appreciate it.


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