Elementary School Graduations – Yes, Have Them!

Elementary School Graduations – Yes, Have Them!

Melissa W.

We’re toward the end of the busy college graduation season and are fast approaching high school commencement ceremonies. Smack dab in the middle of all of this comes elementary school graduations. That’s right! Commencements happen for children as young as preschool.

The idea of graduation ceremonies for grades less than high school has been around for decades and comes with a bit of mixed opinions. Many think the prestige of a commencement should only be reserved for a more substantial accomplishment, such as completing high school or college, but schools across the country continue to celebrate elementary-aged children before they step-up to a grade that bumps them to a new school. Our take? We love them, of course!

Graduation ceremonies for young children provide a great opportunity to look toward the future, celebrate friendships, and a look back on all they’ve learned so far. Truthfully, so much growth happens for children in those early years and they should be celebrated! Preschool and elementary-aged children also have so much pride for their schools. Difficulty with change is normal and age-appropriate for them and a graduation offers a final/end to one chapter and opens the conversation for moving on to the next stage. Saying goodbye is hard! Graduations allow children to celebrate, process, and prepare. And it’s as much of a celebration for the kids as it is for the parents!

Whether you think they’re great or absurd, at the very least, preschool/elementary graduations provide for a great photo opportunity to share side-by-side when your child graduates from higher education. In the end, children grow so fast and there's a big wide world out there waiting for them. Let's celebrate them any chance we get.

Elementary school graduations; yay or nay? Let us know in the comments!


Cover photo by Oyemike Princewill on Unsplash

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