Custom Stoles Add a Unique Touch to Traditional Graduation Attire

Melissa W.

The traditional cap & gown is synonymous with graduation ceremonies and wearing them is a bit of a rite of passage. Many high schools and universities opt for students to buy their commencement attire which offers them a keepsake from such a momentous occasion. But how often do graduates really take out their gown to look at or have on display? We’d imagine not as much, though, there are creative ways to recycle them!

When your graduation attire demands a little more color to add to the ceremony, our custom stoles step in to fill that need. Custom stoles offer a chance for schools to give their students something truly unique to wear proudly during their graduation ceremony as well as something more realistically able to be displayed after the last cap is tossed in the air. Schools get really creative when it comes to showcasing their spirit and we’ve seen so many fun custom orders over the years! School initials, organization names, class officer titles, graduation year, and school logo/mascot are just a few of the popular choices we’ve seen displayed on our brightly-colored satin stoles.

Your students have worked so hard over the years and deserve all the recognition they receive. Giving them a little extra school spirit to wear during the ceremony and treasure as a keepsake will remind them of their wonderful memories in the halls and around campus.

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