2020: A Senior Class Year in Review

2020: A Senior Class Year in Review

Melissa W.

We think we can all agree that 2020 has been one heck of a year and we’re ready to put it behind us and head toward brighter days in 2021. We’ve learned a lot, but one thing sticks out in our minds: The Class of 2020 is resilient! This class has been dealt with setbacks and disappointments upon disappointments, but remained steadfast. Important milestones were postponed or outright cancelled, others were altered significantly. While it’s easy to focus on all that was lost for this class (and so many others), it’s important to remember the positives: We witnessed school administrators joining together and organizing the most creative ways for graduates to get the day they deserve. We saw students coming together to make memorable prom moments, and we saw a surge in new students interested in medical careers. Today, we’re thankful for The Class of 2020! Here’s a look back at some of our moments of 2020:

The Class of 2020: As Seen in Pictures 

(published June 14th, 2020)

With the threat of Coronavirus still a reality, high schools and universities around the country have made quick and creative changes to commencement ceremonies so seniors can celebrate their much-deserved accomplishments. June marks one of the busiest months for graduations and we’re taking a look at The Class of 2020: As Seen in Pictures. Click the images for full stories.

Class Officer & Leadership Stoles Shine Bright During Virtual Graduations 

(published May 22nd, 2020)

With virtual graduations on the rise amidst the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, schools are looking for ways to keep the commencements special and also as normal as possible for their seniors. We've noticed a rise in orders for our Class Officer stoles recently, particularly our Class President stoles, and we think we know why: on top of their importance, they look great and stand out on computer screens!

You’re Invited! Where to Watch Commencements for The Class of 2020 

(published May 8th, 2020)

Are your graduation plans still in the process of being worked out, but you're wanting to celebrate now? Here's a schedule of upcoming virtual, nationwide commencement ceremonies:

In-Person Graduations Postponed -- Unique Graduation Celebrations Still On

(published April 29th, 2020)

There’s no prom, spring break, senior skip day, or yearbook signing … and there’s certainly no traditional in-person graduations this May and June. Those of us who had the true senior experience can remember the excitement leading up to graduation -- it’s unmatched, and because of that, we really feel badly for The Class of 2020. While our team is still actively fulfilling orders for graduation ceremonies, whether virtual or in the future, we’ve seen many others stepping up to provide The Class of 2020 with some unique ways to celebrate their accomplishments this spring.

Yes, Graduations Will Go On!

(published April 13th, 2020)

As the entire world grapples with the novel coronavirus, schools and universities remain shut down with students attending classes remotely for the foreseeable future. But, what does that mean for The Class of 2020? Graduation season is quickly approaching, but social distancing is still in place, which leaves many seniors with the stress of not knowing if they'll be celebrated this year.

Kappa Tau Alpha: The Honor Society of Journalism and Mass Communication

(published April 8th, 2020)

As we rely on healthcare workers to care for us and heal our bodies, journalists provide another essential component during times like these. They give us information and facts which are critical to sustaining an informed citizenry, reminding us that it’s important to protect ourselves with a healthy understanding of the world around us.

Sigma Xi: The Scientific Research Honor Society 

(published April 6th, 2020)

This honor society showcases students excelling in the medical field, but behind the scenes. Just as impactful and equally essential.

Sigma Theta Tau: The Honor Society of Nursing 

(published April 1st, 2020)

Sigma was founded by a small group of nurses at Indiana University Training School of Nursing in 1922 and chose the name from Greek words meaning love, courage, and honor. Their vision is to transform global healthcare by connecting and empowering nursing leaders.


We did it! Cheers to The Class of 2020 and all they’ve accomplished and adapted to this year, and here’s to The Class of 2021!

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Photo by Albany Capture on Unsplash

Photo by Pang Yuhao on Unsplash

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